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About This Course

Hello and welcome! We are Mark and Sonya, your Course Instructors (CIs). There’s a phrase we tend to hear from students quite often: “I’m not a good writer.” If you’ve felt this way, then let us be the first to reassure you that you ARE. Writing, much like anything that requires practice, is a process, and anyone can become a good writer with practice. Our writing course is unique because we’ve created it in a way that builds your confidence as a writer and provides you with opportunities to learn on your own but also with guided assistance from each of us. To be successful in this course, consider adopting the idea that “writing is a process and not a product.” In other words, don’t stress yourself out by seeking perfection in everything you write, but let yourself be open to learning from your mistakes and receiving feedback from others. This is key to becoming a good writer.

We invite you to take a minute to familiarize yourself with the course by reviewing the information below. This way, you will be better able to understand the expectations of the course as a whole and how you can best manage your time and efforts as you navigate through it. Good luck to you as you take an important step in achieving your educational goals! Rest assured: you are in the right place, you belong here, and you can do this!

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